In 2019

  • I married my partner of ten years (!).
  • I transitioned fully from design role to a front-end development role at Datawheel.
  • I gave two quick talks at work: one about accessibility, and another about a design system I had been working on.
  • I realized once and for all that I can’t work in an office. I’m too sensitive to noise, and there is so much noise in an office.
  • I quit my full-time job at Datawheel after working there for two years.
  • I rebuilt my website in Vue.
  • I mixed and released an EP from my 2017 band, Waypoints.
  • I started a new band, which has since turned into yet another studio project.
  • I moved into an apartment with a spare bedroom, which I’ve turned into an office/home studio space.
  • I improved my ping pong skills considerably.
  • I started cooking myself breakfast daily (two fried eggs and half an avocado — a great way to start the day).

In 2020

  • My wife and I will go on our honeymoon to Japan in February (!).
  • I will work exclusively on a contract basis, primarily remotely.
  • I will design and build an iOS app.
  • I will read more books. My current reading list:
  • I will be more active on my blog and on Twitter.
  • I will finish mixing and release an EP from a 2018-2019 band-turned-recording project.
  • I will exercise daily, even if that only means taking a walk.
  • I will learn to cook some healthy-ish dishes.
James Ferrell

I’m a UX developer currently living in Asheville, NC. I build websites and web applications which are well-designed, responsive, accessible, and fast.

I’m currently taking on new projects, so get in touch!