This is a client website designed by Bethany Hubbart and originally built quickly using a WordPress theme.

A few years later, the client updated WordPress and the website fell over. What’s more, the theme developer stopped offering support for the theme. Yikes. After trying and failing to get it back up and running (at no cost to the client), we decided the best course of action would be to rebuild the site with Kirby CMS.

So the site lives on, and it loads much more quickly than it had in its previous form. It’s one of the few surviving websites built at Berman at time of writing, so it must be doing its job!

Has your WordPress website stopped working?

I can try to fix it, and build a better one if it’s unrecoverable.

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James Ferrell

I’m a UX developer currently living in Asheville, NC. I build websites and web applications which are well-designed, responsive, accessible, and fast.

I’m currently taking on new projects, so get in touch!