Development software

Sublime Text

It’s like Atom, but loads up quickly and doesn’t make my computer chug. I use the One Dark theme so it feels even more like Atom. Markdown editing is nice, too.


Makes Git a bit more approachable and I use it regularly.


When I need to run npm run dev, Terminal gets the job done.


The best FTP client around, if I have to use an FTP client.

Image optimization tools

Squash, JPEGmini, svgo-gui, and ImageOptim are all useful for quickly batch optimizing images. Which I do for every web project, because performance is important.

Design software


My design software of choice. It makes web and UI design both efficient and realistic. Still waiting on nested character styles though. 😒


Great for editing photos, and clunky as hell for everything else.

Icon Slate

The most friendly way I've found to make custom app icons and favicons.


Keeps vector icon libraries at the ready, incredibly useful. It also has a very clever name.


Comes in handy for quick and dirty animations. Also, if I have to put a presentation together, Keynote makes me hate my life the least. I have some custom keyboard recommendations for it.



Something something support browser diversity. Also, it has very nice front-end dev tools.


Spark is good enough for managing my email for now. I’ll always miss Mailbox though. 😭


The perfect calendar app. I can quickly add calendar events with human language. I’m terrible with dates, so a good calendar app is crucial.


Home for every file that doesn’t live in a git repository. I can selectively sync files so that I don’t have to fill up my hard drive with files I don’t need, the version control can be a lifesaver, and sharing files is dead simple. Please don’t make me use Google Drive. 🙅‍♀️


The best Twitter client I’ve been able to find. It displays tweets in reverse chronological order and lets you filter out keywords and hashtags — basically, it makes Twitter usable. It also supports multiple user accounts.

Handy utilities


Slack-style emoji picker. ❤️


Contacts app made by the same folks who made Fantastical. Like with Fantastical, they nailed it.

Giphy Capture

The most friendly way I’ve found to capture video from part of my screen.

Memory Clean

Optimizes my available RAM without me having to think about it.


Brings over the quick window resizing behavior from Windows 7, which was the only Windows feature that I missed after switching to Mac.

Copy Clip

A buffer for clipboard history. 😌


Automatically hides app windows that I’m not using, which prevents window clutter without me having to think about it.


Gives me control over which menu bar icons clutter up my menu bar. Begone, Siri!

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