Design software

  • Sketch

    My design software of choice. It makes web and UI design both efficient and realistic. Now if only they would implement nested character styles it would be perfect. ūüėí

  • Photoshop

    Great for editing photos, and clunky as hell for everything else.

  • Affinity Designer

    A generally good enough replacement for Illustrator. At this point, the less Adobe software on my Mac, the better.

  • Icon Slate

    The most friendly way I’ve found to make custom app icons and favicons.

  • svgsus

    Keeps vector icon libraries at the ready, incredibly useful. It also has a very clever name.

  • Keynote

    Comes in handy for quick and dirty animations. Also, if I have to put a presentation together, Keynote makes me hate my life the least.

Development software

  • Atom

    Currently my code editor of choice. It’s hard to argue with the cost of admission, and there is no shortage of themes and plugins packages. I also use it for note taking and list making.

  • Tower

    Makes Git a bit more approachable and I use it regularly.

  • Terminal

    What I use when I feel like using the command line. Which admittedly isn’t often. So Terminal is good enough for me.

  • Transit

    The best FTP client around, if I have to use an FTP client.

  • MAMP

    Handy for setting up a local server, which I do whenever possible. It’s also pretty essential when setting any CMS that uses an SQL database. But I try to stick to Kirby CMS so I don’t have to deal with that mess.

  • Image optimization tools

    Squash, JPEGmini, svgo-gui, and ImageOptim are all useful for quickly batch optimizing images. Which I do for every web project, because performance is important.


  • Opera

    Currently my web browser of choice. It’s mostly as good as Chrome and has a built in VPN.

  • Polymail

    My email client of choice. It’s the best replacement I’ve been able to find for Mailbox (RIP).

  • Fantastical

    The perfect calendar app. I can quickly add calendar events with human language. I’m terrible with dates, so a good calendar app is crucial.

  • Dropbox

    Home for every file that doesn’t live in a git repo. I can selectively sync files so that I don’t have to fill up my hard drive with files I don’t need, the version control can be a lifesaver, and sharing files is dead simple.

  • TweetBot

    The best twitter client I’ve been able to find. It displays tweets in reverse chronological order, filters out keywords and hashtags, and supports multiple user¬†accounts.

Handy utilities

  • Cardhop

    Contacts app made by the same folks who made Fantastical. Similarly to Fantastical, they nailed it.

  • Giphy Capture

    The most friendly way I’ve found to capture video from part of my¬†screen.

  • Memory Clean

    Optimizes my available RAM without me having to think about it.

  • BetterSnapTool

    Brings over the quick window resizing behavior from Windows 7, which is literally the only Windows feature that I missed after switching to Mac.

  • Copy Clip

    Gives me access to my clipboard history. Which is great, because I do a lot of copying and pasting.

  • HocusFocus

    Automatically hides app windows that I’m not using, which prevents window clutter without me having to think about¬†it.

  • Bartender

    Gives me control over which menu bar icons clutter up my menu bar. Begone, Siri!

  • BeardedSpice

    Allows me to use the playback controls on my keyboard for sites like BandCamp and YouTube.

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